In 2018, accommodation establishments in Liechtenstein registered a year-on-year increase in guest arrivals of 7.6 percent. Their main country of origin was Switzerland, followed by Germany and the USA.

Liechtenstein’s accommodation establishments logged 87,064 guest arrivals in 2018 and 162,161 overnight stays. When compared with the previous year, this corresponds to growth of 7.6 percent in guest arrivals and 7.7 percent in overnight stays. These figures are derived from the Tourism Statistics 2018 report by the Office for Statistics.

The hotel industry registered an increase of 4.5 percent in guest arrivals and of 6.9 percent in overnight stays. However, its share of overnight stays declined slightly, with 83.9 percent of all overnight stays recorded by the hotel industry. The figure in 2017 had been 84.5 percent.

In 2018, the majority of visitors came from Switzerland. They accounted for a 29.8 percent share of overnight stays. Germany followed at number two, with a share of 25.6 percent. USA lags some way behind in third place, with guests from across the Atlantic making up 4.6 percent of overnight stays. Austria and the United Kingdom are next in the ranking.

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