The power company Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (LKW) owns a share in the wind farm in Lübbenau in Brandenburg. It is here that LKW has invested 6.8 million euros in a new turbine that can increase the wind farm’s production to 42 gigawatt hours.

Windpark Lübbenau started up in 2010 with eight wind turbines and belongs to a subsidiary of Repartner Produktions AG, writes LKW in a statement. The LKW, which is owned by the country of Liechtenstein, holds a 10 per cent stake in Repartner Produktions AG. In its role as shareholder, the power company has now expanded Windpark Lübbenau with an investment of 6.8 million euros in a new wind turbine. 

With an output of 3.45 megawatts, the turbine, which is already operating, is expected to produce 10.7 gigawatt hours of energy annually. This will increase the annual production of the wind park by “around a third to 42 gigawatt hours”, writes the LKW. 

“We are pleased that we can increase our production of renewable energy with the start-up of the new wind turbine,” commented Gerald Marxer, chairman of the board of LKW. He continued that LKW’s stake in the annual production of Windpark Lübbenau equates to about a third of the power generated by the hydroelectric power station Lawena in Triesen. 

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