Liechtensteinische Post is offering free services to people identified as “at risk” from COVID-19. Deliveries can be redirected or waste fee stamps and super bags can be brought directly to their front doors upon request.

Liechtensteinische Post will be temporarily offering its services free of charge to people who are particularly at risk during the current coronavirus crisis. Anyone over the age of 65 or those confined to the house for their own protection due to a pre-existing medical condition can make use of these supplementary services by ringing the telephone number or writing to the email address included in the press release.
This group of people can, for example, have mailbox deliveries rerouted to a domicile address free of charge. However, it should be noted that, due to the current rearrangements, mail items are currently only being delivered every other day.
As another option, Liechtensteinische Post AG is offering people included in the risk group the option of storing their mail items poste restante and delivering them collectively to a home address. An additional alternative is the digitalization of mail. The scanned-in post would then be delivered electronically each day.
In addition, Liechtensteinische Post is meeting another need of the risk group with deliveries of waste fee stamps, super bags and stamps directly to their front doors.

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