In 2020, the economic total of Liechtenstein exports fell by around one sixth versus the prior year. Direct imports were down a little less. However, signs of a partial recovery were observed in the fourth quarter.

The Liechtenstein Office for Statistics (AS) has published its year-end results for exports in 2020. Accordingly, the economic total of exports came to 2,843 million Swiss francs. In comparison with the previous year, this equates to a decline of 16.4 percent. At the same time, direct imports were down 13.3 percent to stand at 1,583 million Swiss francs overall.
However, the import and export ratios improved drastically in the fourth quarter of 2020: Direct exports came to a total of 795 million Swiss francs, which is still 9.9 percent down on the same period in the prior year. Direct imports, on the other hand, totalled 413 million Swiss francs for the fourth quarter, equating to a fall of 8.5 percent year on year.

The AS points out that the Federal Customs Administration in Switzerland is responsible for recording data related to the trade of goods in the Principality at Swiss border crossings. Therefore, the movement of goods with and via Switzerland is not included in this data. In contrast to the overall total, the economic total also does not include information on the trade of precious metals, gemstones, works of art and antiques. The final figures are due to be published in June 2021.

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