The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) is tailoring its branch in Eschen to changing customer needs. The main goal is to better unite digital and analogue services. During renovation work, counter services will move to a temporary branch.

Last year, the LLB renovated its branch in Balzers, according to a statement from the bank. This year, it plans to update the Eschen branch in accordance with new customer needs. “We believe that we can secure more trust from our customers and offer them more if we are in direct contact with them,” commented head of the Eschen branch, Patrik Schreiber. “We also plan to connect our digital and analogue services to an optimum in the branch, so that we can offer a more tailored and personal service.” 

During renovation work, the LLB’s counter service in Eschen will move to a temporary branch at Essanestrasse 97. Consultation appointments can still be made on the upper floor of the usual branch at Essanestrasse 87. Cash machine services will also continue as normal during renovation work. “My team and I are looking forward to welcoming our customers to the redesigned branch with a new banking experience,” said Schreiber. “Until then we will continue to offer the whole package and all our usual services.

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