The LLB Group plans to contribute to sustainable economic development. To this end, it has adapted its range of funds towards sustainability. The group’s sustainable gold fund has already smashed the 100 million US dollar mark.

Sustainability has been one of the fundamental principles of Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) since it was first established 160 years ago, the LLB Group writes in a press release. In it, the LLB Group CEO Gabriel Brenna is quoted as saying: “The LLB Group plans to make its contribution to sustainable development. For this reason, it is important to us to implement social and ecological values as well as aspects of corporate management without loss of returns and additional costs for our capital investment clients.”

Specifically, the LLB Group has adapted its range of funds towards sustainability. According to the press release, the group already offered a light green range of funds before a corresponding EU regulation came into force. With light green funds, investors are presented with ecological and/or social criteria for the investment decision.

The LLB Group explains in the press release that the LLB Anleihen Schwellenländer [LLB Emerging Markets Bond] fund launched by its Austrian subsidiary LLB Österreich is now completely aligned with the United Nation’s criteria for sustainable development (ESG criteria). The bank created a combination of negative exclusion criteria and positive inclusion criteria for this. The fund’s management strategy was recently awarded the top grade of excellent in the Emerging Markets Bond Fund category by the specialist medium FONDS professionell.

A sustainable gold fund launched by LLB last year has “developed very well” in the meantime according to the press release. It states that over 100 million US dollars have already been invested in the fund covered by physical gold from sustainable production.

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