The professional association Swiss Medtech and Oerlikon Balzers have held a joint technical conference. Members of the professional association were given demonstrations of new coating technologies by Oerlikon Balzers.

The quality standards for medtech products are constantly being raised. Functional coatings are increasingly gaining in importance. Surfaces are being optimized by applying wear-resistant, antimicrobial coatings.

In light of this trend, the professional association Swiss Medtech and the coatings specialist Oerlikon Balzers organized an event. Members of Swiss Medtech were invited to the headquarters of Oerlikon Balzers in Balzers. Here they were shown the latest coatings in the BALIMED portfolio, which have been specially developed for medical applications. In addition, there were several specialist presentations on the subject of coatings in the medtech industry.

Peter Biedermann, CEO of Swiss Medtech, concluded that the event had been a success: “this technical conference has shown yet again that Switzerland and Liechtenstein are leading centers for medical technology. The high-quality expert presentations have made it clear that the functionalization of surfaces with PVD coatings has become an essential part of modern medical technology.”

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