Winterthur software company Noser Engineering plans to build an office in the Rhine Valley. Noser Engineering Rhine Valley was launched at an event in the Technopark Liechtenstein. Around 30 jobs will be created at the new location.

Noser Engineering reported in a press release that it has been active in Switzerland since 1984, with a location in Winterthur and branches in Lucerne and Bern. The software company now plans to establish a further branch in the Rhine Valley. Noser hopes to soon employ around 30 new staff at this site.

The company has not yet disclosed the exact location. However, a launch event for Noser Engineering Rhine Valley was held at the Technopark Liechtenstein in Vaduz at the start of the week. Under the motto “always connected”, Markus Gübeli who is responsible for the new site shared further details about Noser’s plans to expand. “Nothing fascinates me more than growing businesses,” said Markus Gübeli: “My recipe for success is the connection (‘always connected’) and combination of people, technology and business success.”

According to the press release, “many mechatronic industrial companies are located [in the Rhine valley] that are world leaders in their industries and continuously innovate and invest”. The Winterthur company wants to help “implement new software solutions in a targeted way, quickly and effectively”.

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