As of October this year, Peter Krenn will be taking on the operational management of Bendura Bank. The former Deputy CEO will succeed Andreas Insam as CEO. The longstanding CEO will be retiring at the age of 63.

Back in 2017, Bendura Bank set to rejuvenate its board of management with a generational change at the top of the bank, as the bank writes in a press release. At that time, the board was expanded to include Peter Krenn (39). The handover of the lead to Krenn is a concrete expression of the generational change.
The future CEO has been working for Bendura Bank in a leading position for ten years. In addition to his operational responsibility for the departments Individual Clients, Security Services and Human Resources, Peter Krenn is currently Deputy CEO. Andreas lnsam (63) will be retiring on 1 October of this year.
“Andreas lnsam, who will be retiring by the end of the year, is a personality who has led and formed Bendura Bank since its foundation in 1998,” the press release writes. During this time, the bank has enjoyed “very successful development”, adding “more than 150 jobs” at its location in Gamprin-Bendern. Bendura Bank is currently expanding its headquarters in Gamprin-Bendern.

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