PrismaLife AG plans to significantly reduce its carbon emissions over the next few years. All its remaining emissions this year will be offset to achieve neutrality. In life insurance, capital investment is the strongest lever for sustainability.

Last year, the operating business of PrismaLife generated carbon emissions of around 51 tons, as the life insurer from Rugell reported in a press release. The intention is to significantly reduce these emissions in the coming years. For the current year, PrismaLife plans to offset the company’s emissions by supporting corresponding projects, becoming a carbon neutral operation as a result.
To reduce its carbon footprint, PrismaLife is above all turning to capital investment. “Capital investment is our greatest lever when it comes to sustainability,” commented CEO Holger Beitz. Changes to investment in the company’s own cover pool reportedly helped prevent around 14,600 tons of carbon emissions last year.
Beitz also intends to utilize this lever for customer investments. “This is why we have significantly expanded the range of sustainable funds available as investment options for our customers.” According to the press release, the share of sustainable investment in the company’s customer investments has been increased by 11 percent over the past 12 months.
PrismaLife published a sustainability report for the first time last year. This offered PrismaLife “full clarity regarding our carbon footprint as a company and the progress made in implementing our sustainability strategy, comprising all ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) aspects across the whole company,” said Beitz. PrismaLife also made sustainability one of the pillars of its corporate strategy.

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