The Ruggell-based insurance group PrismaLife has been awarded good marks by a Great Place to Work survey in the category of work-life balance. Mauro Pedrazzini, Minister of Social Affairs, has now praised the company for being “family friendly”.

The Liechtenstein government has conducted a survey on the family friendliness of companies in tandem with the research institute Great Place to Work. In the survey, PrismaLife performed particularly well, as detailed by a press release.

In total, 89 percent of the surveyed PrismaLife employees agreed with the statement “Overall I can say that this is a very good place to work”. A particularly high 98 percent of respondents at PrismaLife agreed with the statement “I feel able to discuss matters relating to work-life balance with my superior”. Moreover, the insurance firm polled well in terms of gender equality. In this context, 91 percent of respondents from PrismaLife concurred with the statement “Employees are treated fairly irrespective of their gender”. In the survey, PrismaLife employees with children (86 percent) and those without children (89 percent) assessed their workplace situation almost equally as “very good”.

Based on these findings, Mauro Pedrazzini, Minister of Social Affairs in the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, praised PrismaLife at the end of November as being “family friendly”. Holger Beitz, CEO of PrismaLife AG, was quoted in the press release: “I am delighted with the praise we have received. It not only represents confirmation of our approach that we agree in conjunction with our employees, but also strengthens this further. Here, we are all pulling in the same direction”.

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