Class 4b at the Realschule Balzers has emerged victorious in the Liechtenstein finals of this year’s European Money Quiz. Two students will now represent the class in the final during European Money Week. The initiative organized by the European Banking Federation aims to improve financial literacy.

Basic financial knowledge and financial literacy are taught during European Money Week, an event organized by the European Banking Federation. Financial literacy helps to promote responsible financial dealings and avoid debt, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) writes in a press release.
During the European Money Week, participants learn about handling money as part of educational workshops and seminars. The European Money Quiz is also an important part of the program, in which the game-based learning platform Kahoot! is used for participants to compete against each other.
This year, 12 school classes from Liechtenstein featuring 182 young students aged between 13 and 15 took part of the country finals of the competition, the LBA writes in the press release. The eventual winners came from class 4b of the Realschule Balzers. A second class from the same school, namely class 4a, finished as runners-up. Third place went to 4. secondary school of the fomatio private school.
The winning class can look forward to getting their hands on prize winnings of 500 Swiss francs for their class fund. The class may also nominate two students for the European final of the European Money Quiz. On April 20, representatives from the winning classes of 28 European countries will compete against each other to take the title. The overall winners will also bank prize money of an additional 5,000 euros for their class fund.

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