The Liechtenstein government has awarded the Liechtenstein Prize to three young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein. The authors of a dissertation, a research project and a publication shared the award between them equally.

Each year, the Government of Liechtenstein presents the Liechtenstein Prize, which comes with a check of 10,000 Swiss francs for the winners. The award aims to motivate promising, young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein to pursue a scientific career, the university writes in a press release. Moreover, in handing out the award, the government seeks to promote research relevant to Liechtenstein and strengthen the research location of Liechtenstein in more general terms, the press release explains further.
This year, the prize was shared equally between Rodrigo Alba Kasovsky, Bernhard Burtscher and Wiebke Szymczak. Kasovsky was named as a winner for his dissertation “The Influence of the Vernacular: Building Traditions in Contemporary Housing Architecture of Hot Climates in Mexico”, while Burtscher received the award for his project entitled “Grund- und Anwendungsfragen des Stellvertretungsrechts” (Fundamental questions and application of the law of representation). For her part, Szymczak was awarded the prize for her publication named “The impact of endogenous and exogenous cash inflows in experimental asset markets”, which was published in the “Journal of Economic Behavior”.

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