VP Bank AG has been added to the SIX sustainability indices by the Swiss Exchange. This makes the bank one of 139 companies listed in the SPI ESG and SPI ESG Weighted index family.

VP Bank AG has been added to the sustainability indices SPI ESG and SPI ESG Weighted, which were recently launched by the SIX Swiss Exchange. Dr. Felix Brill, CIO and Chair of the Sustainability Board at VP Bank Group, is quoted in a press release by the bank, stating: “Inclusion in SIX Sustainability Indices is a clear confirmation of our activities in the field of sustainability.” He goes on to say that it has consistently taken “sustainability criteria into account throughout the entire investment process” for many years already, adding: “We are firmly convinced that taking ESG criteria such as climate and environmental risks into account improves investment decision-making.”
To meet the ESG (environment, social, and governance) criteria, companies must receive at least a C+ rating from the Swiss sustainability rating agency Inrate. Furthermore, according to the SIX index rules, a maximum of 5 percent of sales may come from critical sectors such as armaments, genetic engineering, nuclear energy, coal and oil sand, as well as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and adult entertainment.
Admission into the two sustainability indices with an assessment of B- illustrates that VP Bank is on the right path according to Paul Arni, CEO of VP Bank Group: “As one of the cornerstones of our corporate strategy 2026, we will continue to pursue the issue of sustainability consistently and at all levels.”

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