Startup Smart Valor from the Crypto Valley has launched Switzerland’s first integrated trading platform for crypto assets. Its aim is to make this platform a leading international exchange for digital assets. The platform is operated out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

After 18 months of development, Smart Valor went live with its trading platform for digital assets on Tuesday. Initially, the two major cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available to investors and traders in nine trading pairs, a press release reveals. Other currencies and security tokens will be added to trading in later months, including Valor’s own tokens. These are already offered on various other crypto exchanges.

The Smart Valor platform is reportedly the first integrated digital asset exchange in Switzerland. It is operated out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Smart Valor has won the regulator’s approval to operate as a Financial Intermediary in Switzerland. Its Liechtenstein-based subsidiary has also received approval from local authorities to operate a Crypto-Fiat exchange.

With this new platform, Smart Valor is taking “a huge step forward to our vision of becoming the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments,” comments CEO Olga Feldmeier. To achieve this, Smart Valor “boasts an ultra-high performance architecture capable of processing one million orders per second” and “a seamless and fully compliant on-boarding process and secure custody”.

The exchange is already aimed at a global audience of investors, as it is offered in German and English as well as Korean, Chinese and Russian.

Last month, Smart Valor was able to raise 3.2 million Swiss francs in new capital, with investment from the Swiss venture capital fund Venture Incubator as well as Asian and U.S. institutional investors.

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