The location initiative has presented the government with a catalogue of goals and measures in the area of digitalization. The digital roadmap will help the business location become one of the most modern countries in this respect by 2025.

The strategy paper on digitalization identifies a need for action when it comes to business, in particular, reported in a press release. Under the patronage of Hereditary Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein, the location initiative includes 40 companies and organizations from business, science and politics. The aim of this digital roadmap, which was conceived in collaboration, is to ensure that “Liechtenstein is among the most state-of-the-art countries in terms of digitalization by 2025”. Lothar Ritter, Chairman of the Board of this initiative: “The digital roadmap shows where managers in business and science identify the greatest challenges for exploiting the opportunities of digitalization and proactively tackling the risks.”

In formulating this digital roadmap, the authors worked in coordination with the government, which recently launched its own digital agenda. “The digital roadmap is the counterpart to this digital agenda for business,” explained Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Risch. “The strategy paper provides guidelines in order for the population, business and the state to make the best-possible use of all potential that digitalization offers in Liechtenstein.”

The eight topic areas outlined in the strategy paper include educating and raising awareness among the population, the expansion of digital infrastructure as well as dealing with the scarcity of skilled human resources in this field. The full roadmap is available on the website of Liechtenstein’s location initiative.

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