The University of Liechtenstein has roughly the same high number of students this year as it did last year, despite the fact that the highest ever number of students graduated in 2019. Many of them have remained in the region for work.

The University of Liechtenstein announced that it had 678 students enrolled in its bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs on November 15, 2019. One year earlier, it had 687 students.

At the beginning of the autumn semester 2019, there were 244 new students, up from 230 the previous year. As a result, the number of students studying at the University of Liechtenstein reached its second highest level in the university’s history. The number of graduates in 2019 was 188, the highest ever recorded, and many of them have remained in the region as sought after professionals. Last year, 155 students graduated.

"In light of the decreasing population, it is becoming more and more difficult to encourage high enough numbers of young people who want to study to remain in the Lake Constance region,” said the Rector of the University of Liechtenstein, Ulrike Baumöl. She is pleased that the university is able to attract prospective students with its high-quality programs and personal atmosphere, but she also refers to the “vehemence” with which “competitors in the region are investing in their programs and visibility".

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