During the coronavirus crisis, the University of Liechtenstein is looking for new ways to teach students. New digital formats are intended to maintain regular courses of study for the students.

Students at the University of Liechtenstein should still have the opportunity to successfully complete the summer semester despite the crisis linked to the spread of coronavirus. To ensure that this can happen, the university is working towards visualizing courses, as revealed in a press release. In this way, students would also be able to participate in seminars and lectures from home.
To this end, the lecturers are currently producing teaching materials from their home offices. In addition, lectures are also to be recorded at a studio on campus. The relevant course content can then be provided via the university’s course management system. In this way, students would be able to access lectures at different times. Moreover, in this way, exam-related meetings between lecturers and students could also still be held.
Furthermore, solutions to help assess performance are also under discussion. The assessment system for courses, modules and theses should be “adapted to the current situation”. The university is confident that course content can be conveyed to students in this way.

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