A total of 33 students have commenced the certificate program in trust services. Within the space of 14 months, they will be professionally qualified to offer comprehensive consultancy services to customers in the Liechtenstein trust sector.

As the University of Liechtenstein notes in its press release, the total of 33 students from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and Austria to have signed up for the current certificate program, the highest number of participants to date, not only reflects the huge appeal of the course itself, but also that of the Liechtenstein trust services industry too. The certificate program in Trust Services aims to practically prepare students to work in the trust sector.
In addition, course participants are offered fundamental insights into the areas of law, taxation, business management, asset management and investment consultancy, the University of Liechtenstein explains in the press release. Moreover, the study course will tackle new developments in the industry. At the end of the 14-month course, the graduates should have proven professional qualifications that enable them to provide comprehensive support for customer relationships in the Liechtenstein trust business.
Provided that they successfully complete the certificate program, the students would then have the option of continuing their studies in the advanced diploma program in Trust Services, the University of Liechtenstein states further in the press release. This course focuses on training students for executive positions within the trust sector and prepares them for independent operations in the industry.

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