A project funded by the EU is aiming to provide knowledge with regard to lifecycle-oriented financial planning to students and the general population. Together with international partners, the University of Liechtenstein is developing digital course material to this end.

Younger people in particular may be required to pay into public and company funds in addition to private pension schemes in order to secure their own retirement, the University of Liechtenstein writes in a press release. Its Chair in Finance is seeking to increase awareness of the issue of “lifecycle-optimized financial planning” among its own students in addition to the general population. To this end, the Chair in Finance is taking part in an ERASMUS+ project entitled “Understanding Saving in Europe”.
In specific terms, the Chair, which is held by Professor Michael Hanke, will look to “develop free e-learning offerings on the subject of ‘lifecycle-optimized financial planning’ in addition to supporting software to simulate individual financial planning scenarios”, the University of Liechtenstein explains in the press release. The material developed by the Chair in Finance is to be made freely accessible online to any interested parties. In this way, the developers are aiming to empower people in Europe to avoid falling into old-age poverty.
The University of Liechtenstein is working with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the Danish software firm Alguru IVS to implement this project. To officially kick off the project, the University of Liechtenstein, which is responsible for leading the initiative, invited its partners to a first joint working conference in Vaduz.

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