The Businessplan Wettbewerb Liechtenstein/Rheintal has been redesigned as the Startup Plattform. Innovators’ business plans will take center stage in the new concept, which is being organized by the University of Liechtenstein.

Following 14 successful editions, the Businessplan Wettbewerb Liechtenstein/Rheintal has been redesigned, announced the University of Liechtenstein in a statement. The university’s SME Centre organizes the competition in conjunction with the University of Applied Sciences Buchs (NTB) and the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The competition is becoming the Startup Plattform.

The redesign gives the competition more than a new name. It also has a new concept. While the old version had time limitations, there are now offers throughout the year, writes the university. The aim is for the Startup Plattform to more strongly integrate “the numerous initiatives available in innovative Liechtenstein”. Central to the platform is the business idea itself, and a “new methodical approach” will open up the platform to “less experienced innovators”, according to the statement.  

During a public awards ceremony, the finalists’ achievements will be showcased to the general public. On November 21, the university will unveil the new Startup Plattform concept at a launch event.   

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