The Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein is offering a series of seminars on digitalisation from February to April. The aim is to help companies navigate modern technologies.

The ten seminars will be aimed at the local economy in the Rhine Valley, explained the University of Liechtenstein in a statement – primarily because digitalisation is driving continued change in companies sector-wide, according to Jan vom Brocke, head of the Institute of Information Systems and director of the initiative.

“The ability to change has become one of the most important skills for determining whether a company succeeds or fails,” he said. His institute therefore works “strongly on issues concerning digitalisation” and develops “concrete solutions for practical application”. In the seminars, the institute will present its findings “to companies in the region” and show concrete ways “individual companies can benefit from digitalisation”.  

The seminars will focus on the digitalisation of innovation, data, technology, security and processes. For example, the Web Application Development in Technology seminar will present methods from psychology that can be used to shape customer-oriented websites. In the Big Data Processing seminar, the focus will be on the foundations for processing large amounts of data.

There is an overview of all ten one-and-a-half-day seminars on the University of Liechtenstein’s website, including a description of each seminar’s date, participation fee, content, target groups and required background knowledge. Anyone interested can register online.

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