The University of Liechtenstein is currently in the process of carrying out a study with 70 students from the Liechtensteinische Gymnasium high school in Vaduz. The aim here is to research whether or not people in competitive situations behave less honestly than others.

A study project by the University of Liechtenstein is currently looking into whether people in competitive situations report more dishonestly on their performance than would otherwise be the case. As part of his master’s thesis on experimental financial research, Luca Ritter and his supervisor intend to gain insights into the human mechanisms involved in economic decisions.

“We are carrying out a controlled scientific study with the aim of being published in a specialist journal”, Ritter explains in a press release issued by the university. The Liechtensteinische Gymnasium Vaduz was brought on board as a partner for the study to provide the large number of participants required. Approximately 70 students are taking part in the study.

Alongside the university and high school, VP Bank is the third partner of the study. It is providing financial support for this master’s thesis. “Behind the scientific project lies the desire for innovation and fresh ideas”, explains Nanthini Tharmarajah, Young Talents Specialist at VP Bank. “We are excited to see what insights can be generated”.

Dr. Martin Angerer, who is supervising Luca Ritter’s master’s thesis, hopes that this type of partnership will catch on. “Fundamentally speaking, it is clear that the combination of schools, universities and businesses is extremely valuable, as all partners are winners in this process”.

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