The University Council of the University of Liechtenstein is reforming the Rectorate. As a result of personnel changes, three new areas of responsibility are being formed. In strategic terms, these will be geared towards current and upcoming key projects.

The University Council of the University of Liechtenstein is reorganizing the Rectorate in three new areas of responsibility. As the university outlined in an article on its website, following the resignation of Rector Ulrike Baumöl, the current Deputy Rector, Markus Jäger, will be taking over her responsibilities until further notice. Furthermore, Jäger will continue to oversee the “Organization and Resources” division. As Chairman of the Senate and representative of the highest academic body, Stefan Seidel will take on the function of Prorector for the “Academic Development” division. This area covers research and teaching in addition to knowledge and technology transfer. Finally, the University Council is transferring its member Monika Pfaffinger to the Rectorate, where she will act as Prorector for the “Governance and Culture” division, for the university’s upcoming key development phase.
Rector Baumöl resigned her office at the start of April due to personal reasons. Prorectors Anne Brandl and Alexander Zimmermann have additionally decided to step back from the Rectorate at their own request. All three are keen to focus fully on their respective professorships again in future.
The management and organization solution resolved by the University Council is “forward-looking with regard to the key university-wide projects”, the website article states. The University Council considers these key projects to include the IT transformation project unITed, the introduction of schools as of January 1, 2023 and upcoming accreditations. In addition, preparations for both the performance report for the current funding period and the next financial proposal to the State Parliament for the period 2023-2027 represent key university projects as well.

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