Students at the University of Liechtenstein are learning the art of staff management, and not just the theory but also in practice. In this way, they will be prepared for their future role as leaders. There are plans to expand the program for the further training of managers.

“Being an effective manager is a challenge and at the same time the key to success for modern companies,” the University of Liechtenstein explained in a press release. It reports that companies invest billions in relevant training for their executives. The Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the University of Liechtenstein has now developed a training program for modern corporate management. This enables students to acquire theoretical knowledge on management methods and learn leadership skills through practical simulations.

“Like business leaders, we teach our students modern techniques for staff management, offer individual feedback and evaluate training success,” said course leader Thomas Maran from the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the University of Liechtenstein. “In this way, we prepare our students for their role as the leaders of tomorrow.” The course developed by Thomas Maran and his colleague Marco Furtner will be offered to managers from the region as a further training program in future.

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