The University of Liechtenstein wants to build on its strengths in order to be able to compete with other universities, say Klaus Tschütscher and Peter Staub, President and Interim Rector of the eight-year-old university. This also includes construction projects.

In November the University of Liechtenstein reached a record of 687 students. The upper limit set in the service agreement with the government is 800 students, meaning that there is still room for growth. The campus in the old textile factory which the university moved into in 2002 is however designed for 450 students. “We are bursting at the seams now”, says the interim rector Peter Staub in a double interview with Klaus Tschütscher for “Wirtschaft Regional”. “Although the premises are of a high quality, they are simply too small. We need to give some thought to this.“

Staub says the university also wants to build on its strengths, including the outstanding lecturer-student ratio of 1:11 and the strong local socio-economic links. Klaus Tschütscher, as President of the University Council, adds that the country’s fundamental mission provides the framework for this. “Therefore, the focus is also on the needs of the country, the region and the economy.“ It could make sense for the state subsidy to be paid for five instead of three years in future. “During this time we can act and implement strategically”, says Tschütscher.

Strengthening the university also includes concentrating the tasks of the rector on quality assurance, accreditation, communication and external relations. On the other hand, a new administration director will deal with operational issues.

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