Ultralight AG specializes in the development and production of UV lamps and the associated components. The family company from Liechtenstein has systems that can be used to disinfect air, surfaces, and water without any harm to humans.

Ultralight explains in a press release: “Shortwave UV light has a strong antiseptic effect.” It can be used to kill microorganisms on any surface as well as in the air or water. Unlike other disinfection procedures, the sterilization process with UV rays can be done without chemical additives.
Additionally, the globally active family company from Liechtenstein goes on to say in the press release that its systems can also be used in constant operation “safely in the presence of people.” According to Ultralight’s own information, the air sterilization system offered by Ultralight provides disinfection of 80 to 88 percent. The press release also mentions further advantages in the form of low energy use and maintenance costs as well as low operating costs. Moreover, the disinfection process is not associated with any unpleasant odors.
Ultralight explains on its webpage that light must be at a wavelength between 200 and 300 nanometers to be able to kill germs successfully. UVC rays fall within this range and so are used for sterilization. The company explains that during the disinfection process, the rays penetrate into microorganisms and destroy their DNA. This can kill off and prevent the spreading of yeasts and fungi in addition to viruses and bacteria.

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