The umbrella association of fair trade organizations in Switzerland has bestowed Vaduz with the title of Fair Trade Town. This label is awarded to cities and municipalities that have demonstrated a particularly strong commitment to fair trade. Vaduz is set to celebrate this honor with a campaign week.

Swiss Fair Trade wants to strengthen fair trade structures, the umbrella association of fair trade organizations in Switzerland explains in its self-presentation. Cities and municipalities that have shown a particular commitment to fair trade are bestowed with the title of Fair Trade Town by the organization, as outlined by Swiss Fair Trade in a press release published on the campaign portal.
Vaduz has successfully completed a three-stage process to become a Fair Trade Town. The first stage confirmed that Vaduz fulfils the five criteria of a Fair Trade Town. Three of these are focused on administration. In this way, candidate cities are obliged to demonstrate their commitment to free trade and coordinate this engagement by way of a working group. The general public must also be made aware of this issue by way of regular reporting and an annual fair trade event.
The fulfilment of the two other criteria is down to various key players in the city. For example, retailers, restaurants and hotels must all offer fair trade products and take part in local activities in connection with this issue. Institutions and companies, for their part, must regularly use free trade products.
After being awarded this title, Vaduz has now entered the second stage of the process. The city must now organize an official celebration to mark this honor. For this, Vaduz has opted to hold a campaign week from October 19-24. In the third stage, which is still to come, Vaduz will need to continue developing in line with its communal needs in terms of consumption, education, procurement and investments in the interests of fair trade and sustainability.

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