VP Bank has launched a platform for private market investments. The Vaduz-based banking group will make its own services in addition to those from third parties available via the platform. There is no requirement for users to have a custody account with VP Bank in order to use the ORBIT ecosystem.

Anybody looking to get involved in private market investments is often faced with substantial hurdles to overcome, VP Bank writes in a press release. In specific terms, VP Bank mentions high minimum amounts, a lack of genuine transparency concerning fee structures and inflexibility with regard to the composition of products. Moreover, in many cases a custody account must be set up with the bank offering the investment opportunity.

In this context, VP Bank is keen to lend a helping hand. Its ORBIT ecosystem offers professional investors simplified access to private market investments. The open platform contains both VP Bank services in addition to investment opportunities offered by third parties. Moreover, access to the ORBIT system does not require users to have a custody account with VP Bank.

“With the open investment and structuring platform, we offer our clients a completely new concept of service”, comments Thomas von Hohenhau, Head of Client Solutions at VP Bank and Member of Group Executive Management, in the press release, before adding: “As such, VP Bank is transforming itself from a traditional bank into an international Open Wealth Service provider”. Paul H. Arni, CEO of the VP Bank Group, explained that launching the platform represents “a major step towards Open Wealth Services as part of our Strategy 2026”.

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