The majority of Liechtenstein’s industrial enterprises have again assessed the general economic environment in the second quarter of the year as good. Business is also expected to remain buoyant over the coming months. These are the findings of an economic survey conducted by the Office for Statistics.

The Office for Statistics (AS) evaluated the answers provided by 45 companies with a total of 10,195 employees for the most recent edition of the quarterly economic survey, as outlined by AS in its publication accompanying the survey. The companies interviewed represent 70 percent of the industrial sector, or in other words, 30 percent of the economy of Liechtenstein.

According to the findings, “the majority of industrial enterprises in Liechtenstein in addition to the manufacturing sector were again delighted with regard to the general economic environment in the second quarter of the year”, the analysts wrote in the survey report. Both incoming orders and earnings developed positively, “while utilizations rates remained more or less stable overall”, the report explains further. For the future, the companies are expecting the positive business situation to remain in place. Moreover, they are anticipating “an increase in staffing levels”.

The optimistic mood was in evidence across all sectors. A majority of respondents from both the metal and non-metal industries assessed their respective business situations as good. The metal industry recorded an increase in incoming orders and improved earnings, while utilization rates declined at the same time. Nevertheless, the survey revealed that companies in this sector are tending towards looking to expand their workforces.

In the non-metal industry, companies are expecting stabilization in the third quarter provided that the good business situation remains intact. The construction industry was much more optimistic in the second quarter than was the case at the beginning of the year. During the quarter under review here, incoming orders, utilization rates and earnings all improved. However, here too, AS analysts have forecast a stabilization for the current quarter.

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