Almost all companies in industry and the manufacturing sector in Liechtenstein once again took a positive view of the economic situation at the end of 2018. In general, they are also expecting an improvement in the economy this year.

For the latest edition of the economic survey carried out quarterly by the Office for Statistics (AS), responses from 43 companies with 9,813 employees were evaluated and a report published by the AS on the results. The surveyed companies represent 70 percent of the industrial sector, which corresponds to 30 percent of the Liechtenstein economy.

The report reveals that almost all companies took a positive view at the end of the 2018. Around 45 percent of respondents rated their business situation as good, while a further 54 percent said satisfactory. For the start of 2019, an improvement in the economic situation is generally awaited. With regard to their own company, the majority of respondents are expecting stabilization when it comes to their order intake, production capacity and staff.

Within the individual sectors, analysts identified different trends. The overall situation of companies in the non-metal industry was rated higher than average. While the majority of respondents in this sector are expecting a decline in production capacities in the first quarter of 2019, they nonetheless assume that order intake and revenues will remain the same. Companies in the metal industry are predominantly anticipating an increase in order intake, coupled with an improvement in revenue. In the construction industry alone, most companies are forecasting a drop in utilization and a deterioration in the revenue situation.

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