Liechtenstein companies may apply for the so-called export cheque. The export cheque is designed to support SMEs in Liechtenstein in conjunction with export issues. Small and medium-sized enterprises from Liechtenstein with up to 250 employees, annual sales of up to EUR 50 million, total assets of up to EUR 43 million and a maximum stake of 25 percent held by a major corporation are entitled to apply for an export cheque.

  • An export cheque may be drawn only once per year and trade-fair and only for two consecutive years. 
  • The export cheque is valid for 12 months.
  • The value of the cheque may vary from year to year. In 2019, export cheques are worth CHF 10,000.00.

The export check can also be used to acquire charged export services from Switzerland Global Enterprise, such as for example the search for distribution partners, market analyses or marketing services. An export cheque can also be used to take part in a leading international trade fair – whether as an individual exhibitor or within the context of a country pavilion organised by S-GE.

Services for Liechtenstein SMEs available from Switzerland Global Enterprise

Thanks to a service agreement with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), the following basic services are available for Liechtenstein SMEs from S-GE:

  • Free access to relevant information on the website This includes news from around the world, export events, trade fair calendars, as well as various online tools. This also includes free access for Liechtenstein-based companies to customs tariffs via the otherwise fee-based service MendelOnline (German only)
  • ExportHelp, a hotline staffed by specialists who can answer questions on exports, and can formulate solutions within 24 hours (exporthelp(at), +423 236 69 05 or 0844 811 812)
  • Free individual consultancy with an S-GE consultant and possibly with a representative of a Swiss Business Hub, enabling the export idea to be addressed specifically and individually.

Additional support – Contact at the Office of Economic Affairs

The Office of Economic Affairs is responsible for issuing export cheques. Persons interested in applying for export cheques should contact the Office of Economic Affairs via the contact form