• Residence permit

    Direct issue of Permit B

    You can apply for residence permit B if you are a national of Switzerland or an EEA state. With this direct award, a distinction is made between a permit to take up residence for gainful employment and a permit to take up residence without gainful employment:

    Gainful employment: A decision on complete applications from EEA or Swiss nationals is usually taken within four weeks of receipt. If the decision is positive, the costs will amount to CHF 1,060, while if the decision is negative, the costs are CHF 80. The respective payment receipt must be enclosed with the application documents. Application

    Without gainful employment: The government decides once per quarter on applications to take up residence without employment. The applicant must have sufficient financial resources so that they do not need to claim social welfare. Application

    The residence permit, which is granted directly, always includes the right for the spouse and children under the age of 21 to reside in Liechtenstein.

  • Residence permit

    Lottery for Permit B

    The Immigration and Passport Office conducts two lottery draw procedures each year for residence permits, in which around 28 permits to take up employment and 8 permits to take up residence without gainful employment in Liechtenstein are issued. The application procedure is the same in both cases.

    The draw takes place in spring and autumn and consists of a preliminary and a final draw respectively. The next preliminary draw will take place on 10 March 2023. Applications must be submitted to the Immigration and Passport Office by 28 February 2023 at the latest. Those drawn will then have the opportunity to take part in the final draw on 12 May 2022. Registration form

    Requirements for participation:

    - EEA citizenship (Swiss nationals are not allowed to participate in the draw)
    - Timely submission of the completed application form (date of postmark)
    - Timely payment of the fee (value date of the payment at the Liechtensteinische Landesbank. CHF 100 preliminary draw, CHF 500 final draw).
    - No multiple applications, no misrepresentations
    - No existing entry ban or threat to public security, order and public health.

    The residence permit resulting from the draw applies only for the person who submitted the application. An application for family reunion can be submitted for the spouse, as well as for common children under the age of 21.

    After 30 years of residence in Liechtenstein, it is possible to apply for Liechtenstein citizenship. The Civil Registry Office in Vaduz is responsible for naturalisation as well as for information in this regard.

    A decision on complete applications is usually taken within four weeks of receipt.

  • Residence permit

    Third-country nationals

    Nationals of third countries (non-Swiss or EEA nationals = countries with which Liechtenstein has not concluded a bilateral migration treaty) cannot take part in the lottery, but must apply for a residence permit issued directly. Those residence permits may be granted either for the purpose of residence without work to economically non-active persons or for the purpose ofnon-self-employed work. In this case, the decision is guided by national economic considerations in this regard, meaning that this permit can only be granted to persons of particular interest to the country ( specialist or a qualified employee with a completed apprenticeship or long-standing professional experience). Decisions on applications are usually taken within three months of receipt. Applications must be complete and correctly filled in.



  • Residence permit

    Permanent residency and establishment

    A residence permit entitles the holder to stay in Liechtenstein for between 12 months and five years. After five years, holders of such permits and their family members have the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence permit or a settlement permit.

  • Residence permit

    Family reunification

    Swiss and EEA citizens
    Swiss and EEA citizens with a residence permit may have their family members join them at any time. Family members include spouses, relatives of the person entitled to residence and relatives under 21 years of age of the spouse in the direct descending line. Family members of persons with a short-term residence permit (L) or residence permit (B) receive a permit with the same period of validity as the person from whom they derive their right. Within this framework, the family members may also engage in gainful employment.

    Non-Swiss and non-EEA nationals 
    Non-Swiss and non-EEA nationals who are entitled to take up residence may have their family members join them under certain conditions. Family members include spouses, joint children and joint unmarried children under the age of 18. The spouse living abroad must be of age according to Liechtenstein law and provide proof of language proficiency (level A1). The period of validity of the residence permits of the family members corresponds to that of the applicant from whom the right of residence is derived. Within this framework, the family members may also engage in gainful employment.