Liechtenstein has around 120km of main roads built and maintained by the state. In the eleven municipalities there are a further 260km of roads that are used not only by the local population but also by the 18,000 cross-border commuters and many visitors to the country. However, roads only tend to be busy along the main routes and during the rush hours at the start and end of the working day.

Buses and trains

A comprehensive public transport network of buses also exists in the country as an alternative to car travel. Most buses run frequently along the main routes throughout the country, with others connecting Liechtenstein to railway stations over the border in Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein also has a 9km railway line with four stations run by the Austrian Federal Railways. This connects the station in Feldkirch (Austria) with the station in Buchs (Switzerland). Efforts are currently underway to further develop the public transport network by building a tram line.