Everyone who comes to Liechtenstein and makes an effort to integrate into the local culture and society will be welcomed with open arms. At the same time, integration is not only about individuals but also about society as a whole. The government's efforts to promote diversity and understanding are aimed at all persons living in Liechtenstein, both migrants and those born in the country.

Supporting and promoting integration

The Principality's integration policy aims to achieve a culture of living together in mutual respect and tolerance. This is rooted in Liechtenstein's laws and basic values. The idea is to support and promote integration in order to enable each person in the country to feel at home.

Migrants are expected to take steps towards integration throughout their stay in Liechtenstein, from arriving in the country to receiving citizenship. The Migration and Passport Office has the power to demand that migrants meet certain requirments, especially when it comes to learning German.

The other side of the coin is the state's drive to promote an atmosphere of cultural tolerance as well as mutual understanding and respect. Measures are taken to advise, inform and support migrants when it comes to taking part in society and to combat all forms of discrimination, xenophobia and racism. The Migration and Passport Office, as well as other institutions, plays a central role in this regard.


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