Those who have children deserve the support of the state. In keeping with this principle, Liechtenstein believes that family policy must respond to the various life situations in an ever-changing society and to find the best possible support for each family. This consists of financial support, on the one hand, and providing the requisite services and an optimal infrastructure on the other. Families in Liechtenstein receive a childbirth allowance and child benefit payments as well as being entitled to tax breaks and, where necessary, rent subsidies. Special support is also provided to families to help them cope with difficult life situations. Additional services include out-of-home childcare and measures aimed at increasing the compatibility of family and career.

Children eating ice cream in Städtle Vaduz

Safety and security

Liechtenstein is proven to be one of the safest countries in Europe, both in the home and in the wider community. Nevertheless, Liechtenstein is not an island and the changed security situation in Europe presents the Principality with ever new challenges. In addition to the measures implemented by the state, close cooperation between many organisations is essential to keep Liechtenstein safe and secure. A considerable number of volunteers, organised in associations or groups, take on a substantial part of this important work. Another part is covered by professional institutions such as the Liechtenstein National Police Service, doctors, hospital staff, paramedics, border guards and for-profit private companies providing security services.

Emergency numbers

Police: 117
Fire brigade: 118
International emergency number: 112
Ambulance: 144
Air rescue: 1414

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