When you think of superlative countries, Liechtenstein doesn't necessarily come to mind immediately. However, when it comes to eco-innovations, the sixth-smallest country in the world is also very much at the forefront, even by global standards. For instance, the Principality has the world's largest share of photovoltaics per capita. Furthermore, Liechtenstein is also an important role model regarding sustainable energy policy. In 2003, the municipality of Triesen was the first to join the Energy City Association. Triesen was certified as an Energy City one year later. Ten years on, all eleven municipalities in the country have been awarded the label, and the Principality has been allowed to call itself "Energy Country" ever since.

Liechtenstein municipalities can obtain the Energy City label if they continuously ensure efficient energy use, increase investments for renewables, including solar energy, wind energy and hydropower, and promote environmentally compatible mobility. The certificate is awarded by the Energy City Sponsoring Association. Every four years, the municipality must submit itself to an audit to earn the label again. At 50 percent of the target achievement rate, a municipality receives the Energy City label; at 75 percent overall, it is awarded the Energy City Gold label. The goal is to lead all municipalities toward a sustainable, communal energy policy. By now, 100 percent of municipalities in Liechtenstein are Energy Cities.