The state of Liechtenstein is aiming to achieve the following goals by the year 2020 through its energy strategy:

  • 20 percent increase in energy efficiency to stabilise consumption
  • 20 percent domestic, renewable energy
  • 20 percent lower greenhouse gases relative to 1990

To achieve this, a variety of measures are supported by the state of Liechtenstein to boost energy efficiency. These are specifically:

  • Thermal insulation for existing buildings
  • MinergieP and MinergieA certified buildings
  • Technical equipment
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Thermal solar collectors
  • Heat pump boilers
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Demonstration units
  • Other plants and measures

In addition, municipalities in Liechtenstein make individual contributions to the support provided by the state. Most municipalities provide grants of up to 100 percent of the national support.

Advice and procedures

The Specialist Energy Unit (German only) offers a wide range of information. Depending upon the particular support measure required, the corresponding application form must be completed and submitted to the Specialist Energy Unit. In most cases, in order to apply for financial support, an approved planning application must first be secured. Once the documents have been examined, a decision will be taken on the entitlement and level of the financial support. Confirmation that the subsidy has been approved will be issued by the Specialist Energy Unit. Implementation of the measure that is entitled to the subsidy may be started only after this confirmation has been received. The state subsidy will be paid out only after the technical acceptance of the supported plant.

A cooperation between the climate foundation LIFE and the Swiss climate foundation Klimastiftung Schweiz means that subsidies for efficiency and innovation projects are also granted to SMEs in Liechtenstein. Any possible subsidies provided by the state and the municipalities may be culminated. In addition, companies in Liechtenstein have the opportunity to implement cost-effective energy saving measures within the context of the SME model of the business energy agency Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (EnAW), enabling them to benefit several times over. 

The Energy Network, a platform for practical advice and the exchange of know-how on the topic of energy efficiency, also offers support. Energy efficiency projects are presented and discussed at regular events organised at local companies. In addition, information about energy consultancy and available financial support is provided, and reports are made on topical issues. 

Relevant laws (German only)