Per diem sickness benefit insurance means that companies are not exposed to the risk of loss-of-earnings costs. From the second day of sickness onwards, per diem sickness benefit insurance pays 80% of the lost earnings (up to a maximum of CHF 126,000.00). This deadline may be extended for up to a maximum of 360 days, if the employer guarantees the continued payment of the salary.

Per diem sickness benefit insurance is obligatory for all employees who work in Liechtenstein for an employer with headquarters or a branch office in Liechtenstein and are aged over 15. Exempted from this rule are persons who work for an employer for fewer than eight hours per week, or who entered into an employment relationship for fewer than three months.

The insurance continues until the employment relationship is ended. If a person continues to work after reaching ordinary retirement age, this person must continue to be insured.

The employer is responsible for taking out obligatory per diem sickness benefit insurance for his employees. For this purpose, the employer shall take out a collective per diem sickness benefit insurance contract with a health insurer that is approved in Liechtenstein. The employer shall issue a report to the health insurer when an employee ceases to work for him.

The employer shall cover one half of the contributions for obligatory per diem sickness benefit insurance for employees. Depending on the particular terms of the agreement, the employer may also assume more than half of the premium costs. If an insured person ceases his gainful employment, the employer must report this to the health insurer.

Health insurers licensed in Liechtenstein

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SWICA - Krankenversicherung AG
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