Liechtenstein does not have a culture of industrial action, and social partnerships between employee and employer associations live up to their name. As the only trades union in Liechtenstein, LANV represents the interests of employees who work in Liechtenstein. In its social partner function, it conducts negotiations in the name of employees with employers, the Chamber of Business, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the PostAuto Liechtenstein Anstalt, on collective wage agreements, minimum wage agreements etc (Links only available in German).

The LANV also provides services such as initial advice for employees on employment law issues, or the organisation of information events on employment law topics. Due to implementation of the EU directive on measures to facilitate the exercise of rights to which employees are entitled within the context of the free movement of people, the LANV also acts as the nationally responsible body to promote equal treatment and to support employees and their family members in accordance with the provisions of the EU directive.