This year, the Digital Day in Vaduz had as its theme “Smart Country Liechtenstein”. Discussions focused on the use of smart technologies in fields such as the economy, education, transport, tourism and culture.

Vaduz was once again involved in the Swiss Digital Day on 3 September this year. Talks and discussions were held all day in the café of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, as was reported in a press release on the event. The program was devoted to the theme: “Smart Country Liechtenstein”.

Discussions took place on the use of smart technologies in various areas. Future researcher Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk dedicated her tourism talk to the topic of “travelling with smart assistants”. Intelligent transport with autonomous vehicles was another focus. Innovation researcher and bestselling author Oliver Gassmann explored smart cities and presented his concept. He also discussed how certain measures can be specifically put into action in Liechtenstein with Deputy Head of Government Daniel Risch.

The press release reports that those interested in the Digital Day in Vaduz were able to participate either live in the Kunstmuseum or online on their computer or mobile phone. The Digital Day in Vaduz was backed by the municipality of Vaduz and the Ministry for Infrastructure, Economic Affairs and Sport. The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is a partner. The event was organized by the location initiative, which is supported by 45 companies and organizations as well as Liechtenstein’s government and the Princely House of Liechtenstein.

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