Hilcona spent more than 3 million Swiss francs upgrading its production facilities. The food producer plans to expand its offering of vegan and vegetarian meat and fish alternatives and strengthen its market position with a new wet extrusion line.

Hilcona with headquarters in Schaan has spent more than 3 million Swiss francs upgrading its food production capabilities with a new extruder system. Hilcona can use the latest-generation wet extrusion line to produce plant protein-based meat substitute products according to a press release. CEO Martin Henck commented: “The new production facility is a significant investment in the future to secure jobs in the region and strengthen our market position. The compact design enables us to produce a high-quality product efficiently.”

The wet extruder can mix and heat raw plant-based materials. This breaks down the protein structures and creates a malleable mass, which is squeezed through a nozzle on cooling to form elongated fibers. This gives products a similar bite and structure to that of animal foods such as meat and fish.

The technology allows Hilcona to change product quickly and to be flexible with regard to client requirements. Benjamin Hassler, Head of Hilcona Technology Management, stated in the press release: “Thanks to the unparalleled wet extrusion, we can offer our customers even tastier alternatives: from simple chunks and fresh salad ingredients to ready-to-serve meals and products for food service.”

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