The Green Mountain, a start-up based in the canton of Graubünden that forms part of Hilcona, has developed a meatloaf alternative that can be baked in the oven. Hilcona is selling this fully plant-based product in Coop grocery stores and via the Coop online shop.

At the Hilcona competence center for meat-free products, also known as the Taste Factory in Landquart, the start-up The Green Mountain has developed an additional alternative meat product: on the back of a completely plant-based burger, “Switzerland’s first meatloaf alternative that can be baked in the oven” is being launched on the market, a press release states. The product is to be offered in more than 300 Coop grocery stores and via the Coop online shop.
“It looks like meatloaf and tastes like meatloaf, but contains not a single gram of meat”, Hilcona explains in the press release. The vegan meatloaf alternative is made from top quality ingredients. Canola oil offers a succulent texture, while pea proteins act as a natural binder. The product is gluten-free and produced in Switzerland, while it also contains vitamin B12 and is low in saturated fatty acids.
“In the development of this unique product, we placed great importance on selecting ingredients with the shortest possible transportations paths”, comments Werner Ott, CEO of The Green Mountain, in the press release, before adding: “Our experienced team was just as crucial to this unique recipe”. The Green Mountain Burger was developed a year ago, which, according to information from the company itself, has sold very well.
“The trend towards vegan lifestyles inspired us to develop further products”, Ott explains further. A new plant-based version of “Ghackets” – a traditional Swiss dish of ground beef traditionally served alongside pasta and an apple sauce – will also be launched at the same time as the meatloaf alternative. “In this way, we are staying true to our claim of sourcing as many ingredients as possible from Switzerland and neighboring countries”.

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