Hilcona is getting rid of plastic spoons in the bottom compartment of its to-go food products. They will be replaced by environmentally friendly, folding spoons. By doing so, the food manufacturer from Schaan hopes to prevent around 3.5 metric tons of plastic waste per year.

Hilcona explains in a press release: “In an era of zero-waste movements, Hilcona AG would like to offer its customers ongoing, sustainable strategies to prevent waste.” For this reason, the food manufacturer headquartered in Schaan will do away with plastic spoons in its to-go products immediately. Instead, a new, folding eco-spoon will be present in the bottom compartment of its packaging.
Hilcona goes on to state in the press release that the new, folding eco-spoon is made from FSC-certified material. The international certification system for sustainable forestry (Forest Stewardship Council, FSC) features products that have been proven to be made from wood that comes from well-managed forests. Additionally, the folding eco-spoon can be manufactured using 65 to 85 percent less material than most other single-use cutlery made from plastic or wood according to Hilcona.
Hilcona Project Lead Barbara Held is quoted in the press release, saying: “We want to take responsibility and actively protect our natural environment. This is why we have scrutinized our Hilcona to-go packaging concept and have decided to abandon the existing disposable plastic cutlery for the good of the environment.”

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