Hoval has developed a new heat pump that will be launched on the market this July. It is based on the natural, eco-friendly coolant propane. The company is therefore already able to fulfil the stricter requirements on coolants that come into force from 2025.

In July, Hoval is launching a new monoblock heat pump on the market. According to information from the company itself, with the Belaria pro air/water pump, Hoval is taking “a further forward-looking step towards protecting the environment”. A natural coolant, namely propane, is being used. This means that the company will already today be in a position to comply with future legal requirements, Hoval states in a press release. In addition, the monoblock construction allows it to be installed outdoors without the need for any groundworks.
Thanks to a flow temperature of 70 degrees, it can be used for new buildings as well as for economical renovations of older buildings and existing heating systems. The integrated modulation adapts the output continuously and ahead of time to the specific heating requirement. This makes the heat pump particularly quiet.
“In addition to modern underfloor heating, the Belaria pro is also able to supply heat to conventional radiators”, explains product manager Kevin Allenspach. He adds: “When renovating old buildings, existing radiators can therefore continue to be used, which allows costs to be cut”.
The two variants of this heat pump flexibly adapt to individual requirements: the compact version (available from October 1) includes an integrated drinking water and buffer tank. This saves space and helps in terms of the budget, as no additional storage is required. In contrast, the comfort version (available from July 1) has a compact indoor unit for wall mounting and can be combined with a new or existing hot water tank. Both variants can also be used for cooling during the summer.

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