From now on, electric trucks can be charged up with solar power directly at Liechtensteinische Post AG in Schaan. The charging station is fed by the post office’s own photovoltaic system. Numerous such decentralized e-charging stations could make a significant contribution to promoting electrically powered transport.

The energy provider Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (LKW) has built an electric charging station for trucks at Liechtensteinische Post AG in Schaan. From now on, Hunger Transporte AG’s electric truck will be charged with solar power here. The power comes from Liechtensteinische Post’s own photovoltaic system, which is likewise operated by LKW. This project is a great example of how competitiveness and climate protection can be enhanced in the transportation of goods, the energy provider writes in a press release. The realization of suitable charging points is a key factor behind environmentally friendly transportation.
With half the power of the photovoltaic system, a truck can be fully charged during its waiting times during the day. In the event that, due to bad weather conditions, there is not enough solar power available, environmentally friendly LiStrom alpin will be provided to power the trucks instead.
LKW believes that the use of the Hunger Transporte AG electric truck for journeys to the mail center in Zürich-Mülligen and to the new regional parcel center in Untervaz represents an “ideal addition” to its environmental and sustainability efforts. The logistics concept envisages that the electric truck will cover a distance of approximately 136,000 kilometers per year. Compared with a diesel-powered vehicle, the CO2 savings here will amount to around 119 tons each year.

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