A delegation from Liechtenstein has reported to the United Nations Forum on Sustainable Development regarding the progress made in realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It underlined the exemplary role played by Liechtenstein in the areas of solar energy and organic farming.

On July 18, a delegation from Liechtenstein headed up by UN Ambassador Christian Wenaweser presented the country’s first report on the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations in New York, USA. The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein explained in a press release that the report “presented the exceptionally positive developments in addition to commenting on existing challenges”. In addition to governmental delegates, Liechtenstein was also represented by Claudia Fritsche, Vice-President of the Association for Human Rights in Liechtenstein, as well as by the country’s first Youth Delegate, the recently appointed Valerie Nigg.

In his report, Lead Delegate Wenaweser outlined the progress made by Liechtenstein in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. The press release quoted an excerpt of his speech: “We are proud of the fact that since 2015, Liechtenstein has been the world champions of solar power, in addition to leading the way in terms of organic farming for several years now too. This is the proof that Liechtenstein can assume a pioneering role”. As a representative for civil society, Claudia Fritsche’s contribution to the forum was centered on the large-scale private commitment to sustainability among the population of Liechtenstein, while Valerie Nigg, the Youth Delegate, demanded increased engagement in the areas of environmental and climate protection, equality and collaborative developments.

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