On May 5th, Austria and Liechtenstein agreed on the implementation of Liechtenstein’s suburban railway. In a first step, the government has now applied for guarantee credit to accordingly develop the Feldkirch-Buchs railway network.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Economic Affairs and Sport has announced in a press release that total investments amounting to 122 million Swiss francs should take place for the completion of the suburban railway in Liechtenstein. At around 66.5 million Swiss francs, slightly over half of the costs will be borne by Liechtenstein. Austria will contribute 55.6 million Swiss francs.
The press release explains that the plan for Liechtenstein’s suburban railway envisages connecting the existing suburban railways of Vorarlberg and St.Gallen to make one whole regional system. “The suburban railway will act as a main distributor that will be supplemented by a harmonized bus system as a more localized distributor.” Specifically, the plan is to develop and improve the rail service between Feldkirch and Buchs. Additionally, a long-distance stop will be established at Nendeln.
However, the Ministry adds in the press release that the suburban railway will also be accompanied by “fundamental adaptation of the public transport network and timetable in the lowlands and in Schaan.” This would create additional possibilities for any potential new lines as well as picking up the pace of connections and offers in the highlands.”

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