Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG has entered into a partnership with Hoerner Bank AG, a German bank based in Heilbronn. This will allow insurance policyholders to put together their pension plans using successful funds from the German asset management firm.

Liechtenstein Life Assurance has finalized a cooperation agreement with Hoerner Bank. According to a press release, this will allow both partners to make attractive offers to clients saving for their pension plans.
Founded in 1849, Hoerner Bank will now be able to offer in-house funds in addition to insurance products. Conversely, the founds of Hoerner Bank “are open to all policyholders who would like to put together their life insurance or pension scheme using the proven fund concept themselves”, the press release states.
Hoerner Bank was named the best asset management firm by “Wirtschaftswoche” magazine for the second time in 2020. Its multi-asset fund HB Fonds – Substanz Plus with a volume of more than 40 million euros has increased in value by more than 40 percent since first being established back in 2008. It is the flagship fund of the private banking house, the press release explains further.
“We are delighted to have brought on board Hoerner Bank, a private bank with a rich tradition and deep roots in the region, as a partner for our ideas”, explains Gordon Diehr, COO of Liechtenstein Life Assurance AG. He adds: “The fund-linked retirement plan is an ideal solution to connect capital market yields with an insurance concept featuring a long-term focus”.
Rolf Scheidt, Management Board member at Hoerner Bank, comments: The cooperation with Liechtenstein Life is a good example of how a traditional bank from southern Germany and innovations from Liechtenstein can fit together nicely. The streamlined cost structure of Liechtenstein Life and the agility of Hoerner Bank in terms of digitally connecting products with each other, were decisive factors in our choice”.

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