The new SpediFux service from the Liechtensteinische Post is on the shortlist for the PostEurop Innovation Award 2020. This transport platform fully replaces the previous quote and booking process, making it considerably quicker and easier.

For the first time in its history, Liechtensteinische Post AG is up for the PostEurop Innovation Award 2020, with its new innovative service making the final shortlist of eight nominees. There are 52 postal operators in Europe overall. The nominated new service called SpediFux was officially launched at the Digital Day in Liechtenstein a year ago. 
In a press release, the company explained that “Liechtensteinische Post AG is breaking away from old models and processes in the transport of goods, replacing the tedious back and forth by email, phone or even fax that is usually required to get a quote and ultimately book transportation”. On its quote page, the Liechtensteinische Post promises it will take no more than three minutes to generate a quote.
“Simply being nominated for this year’s PostEurop Innovation Award is an honor for us,” said  media spokesperson Wolfgang Strunk. “As one of the smallest postal operators in Europe, we were able to impress a top-class jury with our innovation.” This is “not a given and shows that our focus on core areas is being recognized not only in Liechtenstein but also on an international level”.
The PostEurop Innovation Award is presented each year. Its aim is to raise awareness of the latest development and inspire postal operators to create innovative solutions, services and products. Postal operators in Switzerland, Austria and Portugal were crowned the winners of the award in the previous three years.

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